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Special pricing for BMW Centers and Partners.

Installing a Home Charging Station

For the ultimate in convenience, charge your vehicle overnight using a home EV charger such as the BMW Charging Station – and wake up to a fully charged vehicle. Fast charging at home takes only a few seconds – the time needed to plug in and get on with your life. Plus, you’ll typically pay less for charging than you used to pay at the pump.

Home charging stations, such as the BMW Charging Station, are simple to operate: just plug in and charging begins immediately. You could also choose to schedule the vehicle’s charging to coincide with discounted Time of Use rates offered by many utility providers, using the in-vehicle charging timer or app – making overnight charging even more affordable.

As part of the BMW 360° Electric Lifestyle, an array of products and services to enhance the BMW i3, BMW i8, and iPerformance ownership experience, BMW installation services powered by QMerit simplify the process of installing a home charging station.

Choosing a QMerit Certified Installer

BMW Installation Services powered by QMerit provides convenient access to a network of qualified, professional, and certified contractors across the U.S. to manage the home charging station installation process – from start to finish.

To prepare for your new e-mobility lifestyle, we recommend that you select an installer already certified by QMerit to handle your home charger installation process. Every installer you will find here has already been screened and selected as one of the best in the business, by BMW’s trusted partner QMerit.

Get started today with QMerit and have your home charger installed even before your vehicle arrives, for the most enjoyable ownership experience.

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Discover the benefits of the BMW i DC Fast Charger.

Special pricing for BMW Centers and Partners (charger intended for commercial purposes).