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Enjoy all the driving fun of BMW right from the start, with easy access to a network of certified installers in your area to manage the installation of your BMW TurboCord Portable Charger or other home charging solution.



Once you have purchased a charging station for your BMW...


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Step 1

Home EV Readiness Survey

Enter the address of where you want the charger installed. We will confirm if there are pre-qualified installers nearby. You will then enter your email address, and promptly receive an email containing a self-guided Home EV Readiness survey. The survey will save you time and help your contractors provide you with a more accurate bid.

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Step 2

Receive Installation Bid

Up to three installers then submit a personalized, no-cost and no-obligation bid for your home charging installation.

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Step 3

Schedule Your Installation

Select the bid of your choice. Your selected installer will then contact you to schedule a convenient time to install your home charging solution.




The BMW TurboCord provides two convenient charging solutions. The first option is to plug it into a standard household outlet (120v), which typically takes 7 – 28 hours to fully charge, depending on your vehicle. This is referred to as Level 1 charging. Your second option is to upgrade your electrical outlet to 240v, reducing the charging time to less than 8 hours. This is referred to as Level 2 charging. Upgrading your electrical outlet to use the BMW TurboCord as a Level 2 charger requires a certified electrician to install.  That's where BMW Installation Services comes in, quickly connecting you to a certified installer in your area.

*See chart on the right for additional charging solutions and times

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BMW TurboCord Portable Charger

  • Available at BMW Centers nationwide

  • Engineered to BMW specifications, the TurboCord at Level 2 charges nearly 3x faster than the Occasional Use Cable (OUC). 

  • Flexible for Level 1 (standard 120v household outlet) or Level 2 (plugged into a 240v NEMA 6-20R* wall receptacle) charging at 3.6kW  *The NEMA 6-20R outlet requires a dedicated 20 Amp circuit (240v)      installed by a licensed electrician

  • Includes a convenient 20' cable for charging flexibility

  • 2-year product warranty

BMW TurboCord Charging Times by Outlet Type

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Level 2 charging bmw 2.16.png

Occasional Use Cable "OUC"

  • Useful for occasional Level 1 or "trickle" charging, to top off the vehicle

  • Recommended to keep in the vehicle, for use on the go

  • Fully charges your BMW in approximately 7-28 hours

*Click button below to view vehicle charging chart

Qmerit-Certified Installers

BMW Installation Services powered by Qmerit provides convenient access to a network of qualified, professional, and certified contractors across the U.S. to manage the home installation of the BMW TurboCord or other home charging solution – from start to finish.

To prepare for your new e-mobility lifestyle with confidence, we recommend that you select a Qmerit-certified installer. Get started today.






Thanks to BMW Installation Services powered by Qmerit, BMW drivers are easily connected with qualified installers nearby to ensure a seamless installation experience—beginning with a no-cost, no-obligation bid.

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